7-24-17 Fishing Report

When we arrived at the boat this morning the wave height reported at the buoy in front of Ludington was 4.5 feet. We postponed our trip to see if the waves would lay down later in the morning. They dropped to about 3 feet and we heard reports of some fish being caught in front of the harbor in 50 to 60 feet of water (fow). We left the dock at 1:00 p.m. to give it a try. We set up in 60 fow straight out from the pier heads and trolled south.  We started out with 3, 5, 7.5, & 10 color cores, 3 riggers and 2 wire divers on each side. We had just got all our rods set when a big Steelhead hit a 3 color core with a Super Slim Double Red Laser spoon. Then we took a big king on a 7.5 color core with a SS Green Skinny Jeans. All our bites on our first south troll came on cores. We took another King on a 10 color with a SS Super Bread and took the one pictured below on a Super Slim UV Mixed Veggie. We turned in front of the Project and made an upwind troll. All our bites on the upwind came on wire divers with Spin Doctors and meat rigs. A 10″ White Slick Spin Doctor/Pickled Sunshine DW Meat Rig on a high wire out 110 went twice. An 8″ Chrome Kevorkian/UV On Ice Big Water Rig out 85 took a big Coho. When we turned back south they hit on a little bit of everything. We put out a 200 copper with an 8″ Chrome Killer/Yellow Gasoline DW Meat Rig and it took another Coho. Our only core rod to go twice was the 7.5 color with the Green Skinny Jeans Super Slim. We took a Steelhead on the same bait on a 3 color core. We tried a couple different plugs but no bites on them. It was nice to have good action in the middle of the day. We use Dreamweaver Premium Strips in all our meat rigs and Morgan’s Tackle copper on our copper rods and Morgan’s wire on our wire divers.

7-22-17 Fishing Report

They were biting again today off Ludington. We fished basically the same area as yesterday. The morning started out slow. We were all set up and trolled for a while with no bites. Capt. Shane of Dreamweaver Charters was fishing near by and he hadn’t had any action either. Then we started getting a few bites and so did the crew on the Dreamweaver. First one came on a 225 copper with a 10″ Yellow Sparkler Spin Doctor/Cold Steel Meat Rig. Next was a 175 copper with an SS Green Skinny Jeans. Then it was just a bite every once an a while. There are a lot of Coho out there so not every bite was hooking up. We took it out to almost 400 feet of water before we turned back southeast. Things really picked up on our in troll. We bumped up our speed to 2.4 at the ball on our Fish Hawk and it seemed to help. We hit a big King, pictured above on a 250 copper with an 8″ Chrome Mountain Dew NBK Spin Doctor/UV On Ice Big Water Meat Rig. While we were fighting it we boated 9 other fish. It was crazy. The whole starboard side of the boat got cleared out. Four coppers, an out down and 2 divers all took fish. An 8″ Chrome Spin Doctor/Chrome Blue WirlyGig with Glow Wings down near the bottom took a big Laker on the port out down. Our best baits today were a Super Slim Green Skinny Jeans on a 175 copper, a Super Slim Super Bread on a 225 copper plus we took 2 fish on a pair of SS Super Breads on an out down set at 50 feet. We pulled those on the out down and a put a 8″ Kevin’s Girlfriend Spin Doctor/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly stacked with a Super Slim Hello Darlan. That combo went 3 times. We had a regular size DW Hello Darlan stacked above a Spin Doctor on the chute rigger and it took a big Coho. A 10″ White Slick Spin Doctor/Pickled Sun Shine DW Meat Rig on a high wire diver out 180 took 5 hits. Yesterday we had no low wire diver bites. Today we put an 8″ Chrome Killer Spin Doctor/Green Mile Big Water Rig on a low wire out 118 and it took 3 fish. Our trip today was group of friends for a bachelor party. They had a great time. We use Dreamweaver Premium Strips in all our meat rigs and Morgan’s Tackle copper on our copper rods and Morgan’s wire on our wire divers.