5-23-12 Fishing Report

After hearing reports of bait and fish on the Bank north of Ludington we decided to try it up there this morning. We ran to 01:50 and set up in 100 fow. The graph was pretty clean. We marked a few small schools of bait on the bottom, but the bait & fish that were there yesterday were gone. We got all our rods set and didn’t have a bite until we got to the 03′s. We almost pulled off the Bank and headed for deep water when a 12 color took a hit. It zipped out some line and was gone. Our 11″ White Crush Dreamweaver Paddle/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly set at 90′ on the chute rigger went and we were hooked up with a nice King, the one pictured left. Just as we boated that King an out down set at 55 with a pair of Sportsman SS spoons fired. It turned out to be a good size Steelhead that took the free slider. We took it up to the 04′s before we turned back south. We talked to a couple other boats that were out deep and they didn’t have any better action than we did so we decided to work between the 03′s & 04′s on and off the Bank. The action was never hot, but we  hit one triple and boated two out of three, 1 King & 1 Steelhead. A Glow Bloody Nose spoon on a 5 color core went 3 times taking 2 Kings and a Steelhead. A 3 color core core with a Dreamweaver SS Steelie Stomper took a good King . The Paddle on the chute rigger went 4 times. We only had one wire diver bite, a 10 Atomic Spin Doctor/Green Death Big Water Meat Rig out 160 took a King. Our 12 color core went twice. The surface temp was 52 and 40 down 90 feet. Our best speed was 2.3 at the ball on the Fish Hawk probe.

5-18-12 Fishing Report

We had a mid afternoon charter today and the fishing was tough. The wind was blowing hard from the southwest and the waves were solid threes with an occasional bigger one thrown in. We started in the middle of the 01′s in 160 fow just like we have the last few trips and worked in nnw. It took quite a while before we had our first bite – a 10″ Mountain Dew Spin  Doctor/Cold Steel Big Water Meat Rig out 320 on a high wire. The fish made a good run and got away. A 10″ Green Atomic Spin Doctor/Green Death Meat Rig out 190 on a low wire went and we boated our first fish, a nice 13 pound King. We trolled out to 285 fow in the 06′s before we turned back south. We hit a fish in the middle of the turn on a 10″ Nuclear Green Spin Doctor/UV On Ice Meat Rig on a 300 copper. We boated that one and  had a no show on our 11″ White Paddle/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly  160′ down on the chute rigger.  A 10″ Dark Green Slick Spin Doctor/Green Death Big Water Meat Rig 95 down on an  out down took the King pictured above. We made it back to 03:00 and took a small King on a regular Fuzzy Bear Frozen Veggie on a 400 copper.  Our crew held up well in the rough sea’s.  We pulled lines at 6:30 p.m.