6-28-12 Fishing Report

Very good fishing today in Ludington. We set up in the 59′s in 85 fow and trolled north. We got off to a slow start hitting just 2 fish in the first half hour.  When we hit the 00′s we were in 160 fow and the action picked up. We had a pair of regular size  Fuzzy Bear Yellow Tail spoons on an out down set at 65 ft. that took a Steelhead and a King and a pair of regular Dreamweaver Lemon Lime Spoons down 55 on the other out down that were good early. Our low wire divers were set at 85 & 90 ft and the highs were 200 & 150 back. Our two hottest rods were the low wire out 85 with a 10 ” Show Time Spin Doctor/Blue Moo Big Water Meat Rig and the high wire out 200 with an 8″ Show Time Spin Doctor/Blue Moo Big Water Meat Rig. Those 2 rods accounted for a good third of our bites. We had another 8″ Show Time/Blue Moo on a 350 copper and it took a couple of fish. We heard the boats in on the Bank were hitting fish, but we had just enough action to keep us out in deeper water. We took fish on 7, 8, & 10 color cores and 250, 350 & 450 coppers. A 10 color with a Captains Choice Natural Glow Cut Plug took 2 nice Kings. A 7 color core with a Fuzzy Bear Frozen Veggie took the Brown Trout pictured right. We never got north of the Point. It seemed like our best was between the 01′s & 03′s in 140 to 180 fow.

6-27-12 Fishing Report

We ran a 2 boat charter today with Lie-A-Lot Charters. We fished up north setting up in 120 fow. We hit a couple fish right away, 1 on our chute rigger down 65 with an 11″ White Dreamweaver Paddle/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly and the other on a low wire diver out 85 with a 10″ Dark Green Spin Doctor/Green Mile Big Water Meat Rig. We rode for a while before we hit our next fish. It came on  glow spoon on a 10 color core. We worked out as far as 180 ft. and in to 80 ft. Our best depth seemed to be between 110 & 130 fow. The surface temp was 62.9 and it was 40 degrees down 50 ft. The only rigger action we had was on our chute. We had a few wire diver bites and had hits on  7, 8, & 10 color cores. A regular size Fuzzy Bear Frozen Veggie on a 250 copper took 2 Kings. We had 18 bites and boated 9 fish, 8 Kings & 1 Steelhead.