7-31-12 Fishing Report

We ran a double yesterday and fished south. It was rough last night, but we had a tough crew and we made a good trip out of it. The Lake was nice this morning and the fishing continues to be very good. Our wire divers have been hot. We’ve been running a 10″ Mountain Dew/Cold Steel Big Water Rig out 220 on a high wire and a 10″ Dark Green Blue Bubble Slick/Green Mile Big Water Rig out 280 on the other high. We have a 10″ Show Time Spin Doctor/Blue Moo Big Water Rig out 150 on a low wire and a 10″ Mountain Dew Spin Doctor/Cold Steel Big Water Rig out 180 on the other low. We are using Erie Dearie Premium Strips on all our meat rigs. Our riggers were good first thing this morning. We had a Captains Choice Green Black Ladder Back on 1 out down set at 58 feet and a Green Splatter Back Captains Choice Cut Plug 70 down on the other out down. We welcomed back an old friend back into our spread, a 10″ White Glow Blade Spin Doctor/Green Mirage Strong Fly, down 90 on the chute rigger. It went several times. We are running doubles the next 4 days so it will be tough to post new reports, but I will see what I can do.

7-29-12 Fishing Report

Fished south of Ludington again today. Yesterday most of our bites came on spoons. Today 10″ Spin Doctors and Big Water Tackle Meat Rigs baited with Erie Dearie Premium Strips did most of the damage. We took a few fish early on regular  size Dreamweaver Beefeater spoons and Captains Choice Natural Glow & Yellow Splatter Back Cut Plugs, but our wire divers took most of our fish. We did take 3 fish on our chute rigger with a 11″ White DW Paddle/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly. The 10″ Mountain Dew Spin Doctor/Cold Steel Big Water Rig took close to half our fish. We ended up running 4 of them, 2 on wire divers and 1 on a 250 copper & 1 on a 300 copper. Our other wires had a 10″ Dark Green White Crush Spin Doctor/Moo Moo Big Water Rig and a 10″ Dark Green Blue Bubble Slick/Green Mile Big Water Rig on them.