8-30-12 Fishing Report

Good fishing continues to the south. We set up in the 53′s outside the nets and rode the waves to the north finishing up at 00:01. We ran basically the same program today as we have been for the last couple days. Our riggers were good early with the 11″ DW Paddles and Pickled Sunshine Action Flys set at 85, 100, & 120. They slowed down after the first hour or so then the wire divers took off. Our hot rod for the day was a high wire diver out 300 with a 10″ Black White Crush Spin Doctor/Moo Moo Big Water Meat Rig. We only ran 2 coppers because of the big waves, a 350 with a glow spoon & a 400 with a 8″ Show Time Paddle/Fly combo. We took a couple fish on each. We use Erie Dearie Premium Strips on all our meat rigs.

8-29-12 Fishing Report

We fished a double yesterday and a morning trip today and went south both days. We fished from the high 53′s to the low 58′s between 130 & 200 fow. The bite at daylight has been slow. We have been hitting more fish after it gets light. The afternoon bite last night was very good. Dreamweaver 11″ Paddles and Pickled Sunshine Action Flys have been  our main rigger setups  for a few days now. We have been running a White/Pickled Sunshine on the chute and one out down and a Black Green Fish Scale/Pickled Sunshine on the other out down. We have been fishing them between 75 & 120 feet down. We have been starting out with a 10″ Show Time Spin Doctor/Blue Moo Big Water Meat Rig on one high wire and a 10″ Black White Crush Spin Doctor/Moo Moo Big Water Rig on the other high. We had a 10″ Black Green Fish Scale/Moo Moo Big Water Rig and a Dark Green Blue Bubble Slick/Green Mile Big Water Rig on our low wires. About mid morning we have been switching out the Show Time/Blue Moo for a 10″ Chrome White Crush Kevorkian Spin Doctor/UV On Ice Big Water Meat Rig. we have been starting our highs out between 250 & 300 and our lows at 170 & 190 and dropping them back until they start taking hits. A 300 & 350 copper with Dreamweaver Captains Choice Green Splatter Back Cut Plugs has been taking some fish. A 10″ Show Time Spin Doctor/Blue Moo Rig on a 450 copper and a Blue Magna Glow Kingfisher/Blue Moo Big Water Rig on a 400 have been good the last two days. We use Erie Dearie Premium Strips with all our meat rigs.