8-30-13 Fishing Report

Good fishing again today up north. The break is down 80 feet, but the Kings didn’t seem to mind biting in 65 + degree water.   We fished the bank down past the Point and then took it out to 180 to 210 feet of water(fow). Our riggers were good early with mag size spoons set at 70, 80 & 90 feet. We heard of several boats doing good on plugs, but we didn’t hit one fish on them. We hit a several  fish on our wire divers, but had a hard time holding on to them.  They would make a good run and be gone. Our best wire setup out deep was a 10″ Purple Sparkler Spin Doctor/Purple UV Big Water Meat Rig out 260 on a high wire. We use Erie dearie Meat on all our meat rigs.

8-29-13 Fishing Report

The fishing has been good the last couple days up north. Boats were catching fish in tight, 50 to 70 ft., and outside, 140 to 200, and all depths in between. Plugs on 10 color cores and 150, 200, & 250 coppers have been good early and later in the morning we have been switching over to spoons and meat rigs on our coppers. Our 2 top plugs have been the Natural Glow and Lucky Charm Dreamweaver Cut Plugs. We have been starting out with a pair of Fuzzy Bear Yellow Tail’s and a pair of DW Beefeaters on the out downs and an 11″ White Crush Paddle/Pickled Sunshine Actin Fly on the chute rigger. Our out downs this morning wee set at 70 & 80 ft. and the chute was at 90 ft. Our wire divers were no big deal today. We took a couple Kings on 10″ Margareta Spin Doctors/Green Mile Big Water Meat Rigs on our low wires set 135 & 155 back later in the morning.  Our high wires with 10″ Kevin’s Girlfriend Spin Doctors /Green Mile & Froggie Big Water Meat Rigs out 220 & 230 each took a fish early. A 350 copper with a 10″ Chrome Mountain Dew Spin Doctor/Moo Moo Big Water Rig took 2 big Kings out in 180 feet of water. We use Erie Dearie Meat on all our meat rigs.