5-30-14 Fishing Report

We fished a mid-morning charter today. Our crew was part of a bachelor party and opted not to start at our usual 5:00 a.m. start time. We left the dock at 8:40 a.m. and headed southwest of Ludington Harbor. We set up in 100 feet of water (fow) and trolled southwest. The surface temp was 53 degrees. The Lake was dead calm and bugs were in the air. Perfect for Steelhead we thought. Our first bite was on a 3 color core with a Super Slim Starburst. It was about a 3 lb. King. Next bite was a 7 color core with a regular size Dreamweaver Michigan Coyote, another King. We heard reports of good size Kings biting on meat the last few days so we put some out on our divers and 1 rig on a 250 copper.  We were running Dreamweaver’s new Premium Strips on all our meat rigs. The King pictured right hit a high wire diver out 110 ft. with a 10″ Yellow Sparkle Spin Doctor/UV On Ice Big Water Meat Rig. Our wire divers were good. Our other high wire with a 10″ Margareta Spin Doctor/Green UV Big Water Rig out 135 took two Kings. Our low wires were out 130 & 150 and each went once. Our 250 copper with a 10″ Kevorkian Spin Doctor/UV On Ice Big Water Rig went twice. We had a regular size DW Green Signature Series spoon (pictured below left) on a 10 color core that took our two biggest fish. We took fish on 3, 7, 8, 10 color cores, our 250 copper  and all 4 wire divers. We missed two fish on our riggers. We trolled down to the high 51′s and turned back north. We made it out as far as 175 feet, but our best action was around 150 fow. Our crew had to get back to wedding practice so we pulled lines at 1:00 p.m. No Steelhead, but we were more than happy with the Kings. We had great action especially for a flat calm sunny day.

5-22-2014 Fishing Report

We had good fishing last night on our shakedown trip. Left the dock about 5:30 p.m. and headed north. We set up in 60 feet of water (fow) at the bath house and trolled north on a 340. We didn’t have all our lines set when a Slide Diver out 50 with a glow spoon started hammering. We missed that one. Just got the rod reset and the low wire out 45 with a regular size Fuzzy Bear Yellow Tail got hit hard. It was a big fish that took out a lot of wire, but he got away too. We were in 80 fow when the other Slide Diver turned to 4 out 55′ with a Dreamweaver SS Wrecking  Ball took a Steelhead. Our divers were good all night. Next rod to go was a 2 color core with a DW SS Silver with Red Tape. We took two fish on that, both small Kings. We fished out to 110 fow down to the Bares (05:50) and turned back north. The temp kept dropping the further north we trolled. It was 43 on the surface when we turned. The south troll was dead until we hit the 04′s. The action  picked up at the Point. The temp was 46 there. We had really good action in that warmer water. We had out 2, 3, 5 ,7,& 10 color cores. They all got hits. Our biggest King came on a 7 color core with a DW SS Sexy Veggie which is new for 2014. We only had one rigger bite. That was on an 8″ White Crush Spin Doctor/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly down 48 on the chute rigger. Our hottest bait was an Super Slim Wrecking Ball also new for this year. It had five bites. We had it on a 3 color core and on a Slide Diver. We took a double on Kings (pictured above right) with it. All in all it was a nice trip and it felt good to be back to catching Kings in Ludington.