7-30-14 Fishing Report

We fished the last 2 days north of Ludington. After the hard north blow we weren’t real sure what we find for water temp. Monday we found 54 degree surface temp in 350 feet of water (fow) north of the Point. We set up there and hit a couple fish, but the fishing was better inside between 180 and 120 fow. Today we set up in 100 fow by the Bath House. We didn’t hit anything so we put it on a 340 troll. We hit our first fish 50 down on an out down on a pair of glow spoons in 120 fow. It came up into our low wire diver and got off. We hit a big King on one of our high wire divers out 160 on a 10″ Black Slick Spin Doctor/Blue Fairways Strong Fly. That combo ended up taking 2 Kings. Our low wire divers were out 80 & 90 feet. We had a 10″ Glow Blade Slick Spin Doctor/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly on one and a 10″ Show Time Spin Doctor/Blue Moo Big Water Meat Rig on the other. They each took a King. A 5 color core with a #3 pink plug went twice early. We kept trolling out and hit fish between  140 to 200 fow.  We saw boats hitting fish inside us too. We had a 10″ Green Sparkle Spin Doctor/Green Gasoline Dreamweaver Meat Rig on our chute down 80 that went twice. The last couple days our hot rigs have been 8 & 10 inch Green Sparkle and Yellow Sparkle Spin Doctors with Dreamweaver Green Gasoline  and Big Water UV On Ice meat rigs. We’ve been running them on 7.5 & 10 color cores and 200, 250 & 300 coppers and using Dreamweaver Premium Strips in all of them. We took most of our fish between the 03′s and the 05′s. The water is changing up there rapidly, so it’s anybody’s guess what it will be like tomorrow.

7-27-14 Fishing Report

We fished up north this weekend. We set up both days just off the bank in 120 feet of water (fow). We had a better morning bite this morning than yesterday. We had a 11″ Black Slick Paddle/Blue Fairways Strong Fly down 76 feet take our first and third King today. A 10″ Kevin’s Girlfriend Spin Doctor/Froggie Big Water Meat Rig out 150 on a high wire diver went twice. It was very foggy today so we could only get out one board on each side. A 10 ” Yellow Sparkle Spin Doctor/UV On Ice Big Water Rig on a 250 copper was our best copper or core today and was good yesterday too. We ran out of fish in the 04′s both days so we headed out to deeper water and put out a few more rods. Yesterday 10 color cores were hot . Today we never hit a fish on one. We had to rely on our radar today to keep us out of trouble with other boats. We still had three close calls and got our coppers tangled pretty bad on one of them. Saturday we hit a couple fish near the end of our trip, but today we didn’t have a bite after 10:00 . Our best rigs for the weekend were a 10″ Kevin’s Girlfriend Froggie Meat Rig out 150 on a high wire diver, a 10″ Yellow Sparkle/UV On Ice Big Water Rig on a 250 copper, and a 10″ Green Sparkle Spin Doctor/Green Gasoline Dreamweaver Meat Rig on a 200 copper. We are using Dreamweaver Premium Strips in all our meat rigs.