8/31/14 Fishing Report

Fished north again today setting up in 120 feet of water (fow). The water is warm all the way to the bottom, but the fish don’t seem to mind. We took fish on 10 color cores, 150 & 200 coppers with Natural Glow & Michigan Shiner Captain’s Choice Cut Plugs. Our high wire divers were set at 150 with a 10″ Kevin’s Girlfriend Spin Doctor/Green Mile Big Water Meat Rig and 180 with a 8″ Chrome Killer/Total Chaos Big Water Rig. A 8″ Chrome Kevorkian Spin Doctor/Green Mile Dreamweaver Meat Rig went twice on a 150 copper. Our only rigger bite came on a pair of  regular size DW Blue Skinny Jeans 70 down. We use Dreamweaver Premium Strips in all our meat rigs.

8-29-14 Fishing Report

Ran doubles the past two days. One trip today and weather permitting another double tomorrow. We have been basically fishing he same area north of Ludington for a while now fishing pretty much the same program. We have been running Spin Doctors and meat rigs on our wire divers and coppers, plugs & spoons on our cores and riggers except the chute rigger. We have been running a big Paddle or Spin Doctor/fly combo on the chute rigger. Our best plugs have been Michigan Shiner & Natural Glow  Captain’s Choice Cut Plugs on 5, 7.5, 10 color cores & 200 coppers. Our wire divers have been good every trip. We have been starting our low wires out between 80 & 110 and the highs between 110 & 150 and dropping them back later in the day. 10″ Kevin’s Girlfriend Spin Doctors/Green Mile Big Water Meat Rigs have been on 1 high and 1 low wire now for at least a week. The other high wire has been a 10″ Chrome Killer Spin Doctor/Green Gasoline Dreamweaver Meat Rig although today we switched it up and put a 8″ Chrome Killer Spin Doctor/Total Chaos Big Water Meat Rig on it which went 3 times. Our best copper rigs have been both the 8 & 10 inch Chrome Kevorkian Spin Doctors/UV On Ice Big Water or Green Mile Dreamweaver Meat Rigs, 8 & 10 inch Chrome Mountain Dew NBK Spin Doctors/UV On Ice or Black UV Big Water Meat Rigs and 10″ Kevin’s Girlfriend Spin Doctors/Green Mile Big Water Meat Rig. The Kevin’s Girlfriend Rig has been real good on a 300 copper the last couple days. We use Dreamweaver Premium Strips in all our meat rigs.