It was a tough bite today for us. We started out in front of the project in 60 feet of water (fow) hoping to find the Lake Trout and Salmon that were there before the high winds we’ve had the last couple days. We took a good size trout 58 down on the chute rigger with a Tin Can Dodger/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly. The further south we trolled the colder the water got.  We worked out as far as 85 feet and in to 45 feet and never had another bite. I talked to a captain who was fishing up north between the Bath House and Point and they had hit a couple Kings. We pulled lines, ran north, and set up in 70 fow in the 02′s. We took a trout on a high wire diver with a 8″ Kevin’s Girlfriend/Angel P Strong Fly. We trolled to the 04′s without any more bites. We turned back south and took the King pictured  above left on a 11″ Dreamweaver White Crush Paddle/Mirage Fly 80 down on the chute rigger. We had a couple draggers on our cores when we pulled lines. We marked fish and some bait up there and hope to get’em going on our Sunday trip.

5-22-15 Fishing Report

We started out fishing the beach for Browns this morning in 12 feet of water (fow) south of the project. The water was chalky in color and the surface temp was 49 degrees. Ideal conditions we thought. The further south we trolled the cloudier the water got. We fished past Summit Park without a bite. We wanted to hang in there and see if we could get some action by Bass Lake outlet. Just south of Summit the water turned gin clear and still no bites. It was time to leave the skinny water and move out to deeper water. I talked to another charter that was having some luck outside us between 40 & 60 fow so we headed out there. We changed all  14 rods we had out added 3 more to our spread. In 56 fow we hit the double pictured above. The first fish took a Super Slim Starburst on a 7.5 color core.  The second hit a magnum Fuzzy Bear Modified Carmel Dolphin on a 10 color core. We hit another fish, a steelhead on a SS Double Orange Pearl on a 1 color core, but it didn’t stay hooked. We turned back north near Pentwater and took 3 more keepers and threw back 3 small Salmon. 1 of the Kings took a Yeck Afro Glow on a 10 color. The other King hit Gold Mixed Veggie Super Slim out 100 ft. on a Slide Diver. We put another Mag Fuzzy Bear Carmel Dolphin on an out down set at 38 feet and we took a Steelhead on it. We missed a couple other hits. Once we got off the beach to a little deeper water the action wasn’t too bad.