7-29-15 Fishing Report

We fished both trips today up north. We set up on the Bank this morning and hit a double right away. The King  took a magnum Fuzzy Bear Yellow Tail 65 down on an out down.  The Laker hit a 10″ White Crush Spin Doctor with a Dreamweaver Meat Head and a Premium Dreamweaver Strip out 110 on a low wire diver. The Yellow Tail spoon went 3 times during the trip. The other Lakers came on a Tin Can Dodger/Yellow Red Dot Spin-N-Glow fished near bottom. We took another mature King on a Natural Glow Captain’s Choice Cut Plug on a 10 color core. We finished up about 10:30 with a 2 person limit. The wind had picked up from the west when we headed out on our afternoon trip so we set up in deep water and made a northeast troll. We rode for a while until we got our first bite. It came on a magnum Fuzzy Bear Frozen Veggie on a 225 copper. The fish hit and was gone. We took a King on a high wire diver out 185 with a 10″ Yellow Sparkler Spin Doctor/UV On Ice Big Water rig. Our trout rig took a Laker down 150 ft. on the chute rigger. We took 3 more trout on the chute rigger. We landed a Steelhead on the Frozen Veggie on the 225 copper and we took a Coho and lost a King on a 325 copper with a 10″ Margarita Spin Doctor/Green Mile Dreamweaver Meat Rig. We also took a Laker on a Yeck Afro Glow spoon 65 down on an out down.

7-28-15 Fishing Report

Only had a couple rods in the water this morning up north when a big King hit a magnum Fuzzy Bear Yellow Tail 65 down on an out down. Before we landed our first fish a second King hit the other out down set a 55 ft. with a pair of Dreamweaver Beefeater spoons. We got the first one and the second broke off. We hit 3 fish on our wire divers. Two on a low wire out 100 with a  10″ White Crush Green Scale Spin Doctor/Action Fly Meat Rig and one on a 10″ Black Slick Spin Doctor/Black UV Big Water Rig out 145. We took one on a high wire out 185 with a 8″ Chrome Killer/Green UV Big Water Rig. A 8″ White Atomic Killer/Green Moo Dreamweaver Meat Rig took two Kings on a 250 copper. A 300 copper with a 10″ Chrome Kevorkian Spin Doctor/Green UV Big Water Rig went 3 times.  A mag Fuzzy Bear Modified Green Dolphin took a King on a 250 copper and a 175 copper with a number 3 Silver Horde Moldy Wonder Bread plug got one too. We took our Lake Trout on a Tin Can Dodger/Yellow Red Dot Spin-N-Glow fished on or near bottom. Running double tomorrow so no report until Thursday.   We use Dreamweaver Premium Strips in all our meat rigs and Morgan’s Tackle copper on all our copper rods.