5-29-16 Fishing Report

We fished north of Ludington today. We figured the Lakers would be gone from our hot spot due to the warm water the southwest wind blew in. We took it down the Bank and didn’t have a bite until we got to the Point. We had an out down set with a trout rig on it that took a small throw back Laker. We took a small king on a 7.5 color core. We hit our first big fish on a high wire diver out 180 with a 10″ White Crush Spin Doctor/Pickled Sunshine Dreamweaver Meat Rig. It ripped out some wire and was gone. We hit another big King on the same rig and boated that one. It weighed right at 14 lbs.When we went to change some of our cores and coppers we found  small Kings on several of them. We took a medium size King on a low wire diver out 150 with a 10″ Kevin’s Girlfriend Spin Doctor/Green Mile Big Water Meat Rig. We didn’t take another big fish until we were pulling lines and hit the 14.5 lb. King pictured left on the same low wire with the Kevin’s Girlfriend/Green Mile rig. We took our fish between 130 & 150 feet of water north of the Point. We use Dreamweaver Premium Strips in all our meat rigs.

5-28-16 Fishing Report

Fishing south of Ludington was tougher today due to warming and rough water, but our crew still managed to boat a nice catch. We didn’t mark the number of fish we had been seeing our last few trips down there. The rough water made it hard to keep our baits where they needed to be and it was difficult to maintain a good trolling speed. Our best rods were our wire divers fished on or near bottom. We caught most of our fish on dodgers and Spin-N-Glos.