10-4-16 Fishing Report

We ran a 2 boat charter with Hiatus Charters today. They had found some fish out deep yesterday in warm water so we headed back out there this morning. We set up in 530 feet of water southwest of Ludington. We had a bite on our chute rigger set at 70 feet with a pair of regular size Fuzzy Bear Yellow Tail spoons It just rattled the rigger and didn’t hook up. Shortly after that we hit one on a low wire out 88 ft. with a new prototype Dreamweaver meat rig. It was on for a second and  was gone. We fished for quite a while before we hit another fish. A Steelhead took a UV Mixed Veggie Super Slim on a 300 copper. We got that one. We took our second and last fish on the same rod that took our first one. A slow day to say the least.