4-22-17 Fishing Report

We had a fun time on our first 2017┬ácharter. The water on the beach didn’t look good for Browns (too dirty)┬áso we headed out to deeper water and fished for Lake Trout. We set up in 70 feet of water south of Ludington. It took a while to find the fish but when we did the action was very good. We ran 4 wire divers, 3 riggers, 4 coppers & 4 lead cores. We had dodgers trailed by Dreamweaver Whirly Gigs and Spin-N-Glos on our riggers. All 4 wire divers had 8″ Chrome Spin Doctors. Two them had Whirly Gigs on them and the other 2 Spin-N-Glos. We ran spoons on our coppers & cores. We took 1 fish on a 5 color core with a Yeck Fireball, 4 fish on our riggers, and 11 on our divers. We threw the last Trout back because we already had our 5 person Laker limit. Our riggers and divers were all fished on or near the bottom. We fished between 50 & 70 feet of water. Our big fish of the day was a 19 lb. 8 oz. Trout caught on the 8″ Chrome Spin Doctor/DW Whirly Gig pictured left. That set up was real good on a low wire diver.