5-28-17 Fishing Report

We fished south today. It was a tough go for us. We didn’t hit our first fish until 8:30. We stared in 90 to 100 feet of water. We heard reports of a few fish being taken, but we weren’t seeing much on our graph. We put it on a southwest troll and took it out to 200 feet of water. We took 4 fish, 2 Cohos & 2 Kings on a high wire diver out 175 on a 10″ Net Minder Show Time/Blue Fairways DW Meat rig. We took a Coho on a 1 color core with a Super Slim Starburst spoon, a Coho on a Yeck Lighting spoon on a 175 copper and another Coho on a magnum Fuzzy Bear Modified Lemon Ice stacked 10 ft. above a mag Yeck Lighting. Our Laker took a Green Chartreuse Wirly Gig behind a Tin Can dodger 100 down on an out down.

5-27-17 Fishing Report

It was a tough bite for us today up north. We started south of the Point in 130 feet of water (fow) and  trolled north. We had everything set for a while before we had any bites . We were wondering if we were going to get any bites when we hit a double.  One was a Coho that bite a Super Slim Jail Bait on a 3 color core. The other was a good size King that hit a Super Slim Double Orange Laser on a 5 color core. We turned back south a mile north of the Point and took it out to 180 fow. We took 3 fish out there. A Coho on a regular size Green Skinny Jeans down 45 on an out down, a Steelhead on a magnum glow spoon on a 250 copper, and the King pictured left hit a Mag Fuzzy Bear Frozen Veggie on a 200 copper. Our last fish hit a Yeck Jagger Bomb with dingles on a 5 color core. Our crew made the most of our bites on the 5 hour trip. They never lost a fish.