6-30-17 Fishing Report

Tough fishing today. We set up straight out and a little north of Ludington harbor today in 120 feet of water. We put our Fish Hawk probe down to the bottom for a temp check and found 57 degree water. Last time we fished there it was 48 degrees 120 ft. down. The current coming from the north was very strong and heavy fog set in. Not the best of conditions. Our first fish came on a low wire diver out 250 with an 8″ Chrome Spin Doctor/Chrome Blue WhirlyGig. That was our best set up today. A 10″ Chrome Spin Doctor, pictured below, with the same WhirlyGig on our other low wire went twice. We tried a northeast troll for a while but with the strong north current it was had to keep our lines from tangling. At one point we had fish on both our out downs and they both got tangled with the chute rigger. What a mess. We got one trout and lost the other one right behind the back of the boat. We took a Coho on a 250 copper with a Super Slim Super Bread spoon. That spoon has been good for at least one fish per trip lately. We got as deep as 220 feet and as shallow as 105 feet. Most of our action came between 120 and 150 feet of water. We had 15 bites and landed 8 fish.

6-23-17 Fishing Report

We fished in the Fish On For Freedom event today. We had 3 veterans aboard looking to catch some fish. First Mate Cory and I were able to put them on some nice Lakers and they did a good job getting them in the boat. We fished straight out and a little north, the same area we’ve been fishing the last few trips. There was a strong current out there and we got a few tangles but we still managed to get a 5 man Lake Trout limit. We hit a good size Summer Steelhead on a 225 copper with a Super Bread Super Slim. It tangled in two other copper lines and get off. Our third biggest Trout came on a 250 copper with a Super Slim UV Blue Dolphin. Both the Super Bread and UV Blue Dolphin have been good spoons for us lately. We had  Dreamweaver’s Big Foot/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly 85 down on the chute rigger. A big Laker hit it but he shook the hook when he surfaced.  We’ve taken a big Coho and a couple Lakers on the set up our last two trips. Most of our catch came on 8″ Chrome Spin Doctors trailed by DW WhirlyGigs and a couple Spin-N-Glows. Our best 2 WhirlyGigs were the Green Chartreuse and the Chrome Blue with Yellow Dots. Both had Glo Wings. Our 3 heaviest fish weighed in at 30.9 lbs., good enough for a 3rd place finish in the event. Congratulations to Flat Out on their 2nd place finish and Therapy Too for finishing first. Twenty nine boats took out 125 veterans.  The event was well run and we saw a lot of happy faces today.