6-10-17 Fishing Report

We went north this morning hoping to find a King or two. We set up in 110 feet of water and our graph showed some decent marks near the bottom. We put a big Paddle/Fly combo just off the bottom and a 10″ Spin Doctor/Meat Rig down 95 on an out down. We had a set of spoons on our other out down. A 10″ Dream Catcher Spin Doctor/Blue Fairways Strong Fly out 175 on a high wire diver took our first two fish, a Laker and a small Salmon. We spent most of  the morning fishing between 100 & 130 feet of water. We took 2 Trout on a mag Fuzzy Bear Green Skinny Jeans stacked above an 8″ Blue Bubble Spin Doctor/Blue Bubble Action Fly. We took a couple on a Tin Can Dodger/Green Chartreuse WhirlyGig fished near the bottom on an out down. We took a couple more on a 8″ Chrome Spin Doctor/Blue Chrome Yellow Dot WhirlyGig on a high wire diver. We never had a bite on a lead core or copper line.