6-14-17 Fishing Report

We fished north today setting up 2 miles south of the Point. The strong east southeast wind made it hard to get on a good north troll. We tried to stay in 130 feet of water but before we knew it we were out in 180 fow. We hit a small King on a regular size DW Green Skinny Jeans free sliding above a mag Fuzzy Bear Green Skinny Jeans down 75 on an out down. That was our only action for awhile until we turned east in the 05′s. We took the Trout pictured left on a Super Slim UV Blue Dolphin on a 300 copper. It was our first trip since the big southwest blow the last couple days and it was tough fishing. We took a small Salmon on a 175 copper with a Yeck Wart Frog and another Salmon on a Super Slim Green Skinny Jeans free sliding above the same bait 65 feet down on an out down. We took a Laker on a Tin Can Dodger/Green & Chartreuse WhirlyGig down 150 feet on a rigger and another Trout on a Yeck Wart Frog stacked 10 feet above the Dodger/Whirly Gig.