6-2-17 Fishing Report

We fished north today setting up between 100 & 120 feet of water. We had all our rods set and rode for a while before we took our first fish. It was a small King on a 10 color core with a Tangerine Super Slim. We took a couple more smaller Kings on our out downs on regular size DW Green Skinny Jeans.  Our first mature King took a regular Dreamweaver EVM spoon on a 200 copper. While we were fighting it our chute rigger with an 11″ White Crush Glow Paddle/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly down 120 fired . It was the big King pictured left. As soon as we landed the King on the 200 copper we hit another nice King on a high wire diver out 175 with a 10″ Net Minder Showtime Spin Doctor/Blue Fairways DW meat rig. We got both fish. We took another King on our turn back south on a high wire diver out 225 with a 10″ White Crush Green Scale Spin Doctor/Pickled Sunshine Dreamweaver meat rig. The action slowed on our south troll. We hit one more mature King on a 10 color core with the Tangerine Super Slim. It screamed out a lot of line but got off when it turned and ran back towards the boat. There are a lot of small kings up north. We threw three back that looked like they would survive but two of them floated up to the surface. We took fish on 5 & 10 color cores and 175, 200, 250 & 300 coppers. We use Dreamweaver Premium Strips in all our meat rigs a run Morgan’s Tackle Copper on all our copper rods.