6-8-17 Fishing Report

We started our morning fishing north on the Bank. We trolled to the Point without a bite and hit our first fish just north of the Stick on a mag glow spoon stacked 10 ft. above an 11″ White Crush Paddle/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly 120 feet down on the chute rigger. It was a nice size Coho. We took it all the way to the 05′s without another bite. The Coast Watch picture showed a break offshore so we pulled our lines and headed west. We ran out to the 41′s west and trolled west looking for a temp break. We took it all the way to the 50′s and found no sharp break. We hit our first fish out deep, a Laker, on an 11″ White Paddle with Silver Prism Tape/Ocean Mist Action Fly 135 ft. down on the chute rigger. The rest of our fish came on our 1, 3 &5 color cores. We had 2 bites on a Super Slim Starburst on a 1 color core. One was a Trout and the other one got away. We took a Steelhead and a Trout on a 3 color core with a Yeck Jager Bomb with Dingles. Two Trout came on a SS Steely Dan on our other 3 color core and a Trout and a Coho came on a 5 color core with a Double Orange Laser Super Slim. Most of our action came between 500 and 550 feet of water.