7-5-17 Fishing Report

Good fishing again today. We were back at the dock by 9:15. First Mate Cory and I had to get in on the action. We hit 4 fish when we were pulling lines with a 4 person limit of Lake Trout. So we are both having Trout for dinner tonight. We took 2 Kings today. They weren’t big mature Kings, but they weighed between 6 & 8 lbs. and put up a good fight. We set up in 105 feet of water straight out of Ludington and put it on a northwest troll. We hit fish all the way out to 180 feet of water. We wanted to turn around when we got to 150 feet but the fish wouldn’t let us. They kept biting. Our hot rig again today was an 8″ Chrome Spin Doctor/Chrome Blue Yellow Dot Glow Winged WhirlyGig. We had  8″ Chrome Spin Doctors on every rod except the chute rigger. We had Big Foot 95 down on the chute rigger with a Pickled Sunshine Action Fly hoping to hook up with a big King. No big King but we did catch a good size Laker on it.