7-8-17 Fishing Report

There were some good size waves on the lake when we left the pier heads this morning. Our crew was eager to go so we headed straight out setting up in 95 feet of water. That was the shallowest depth we fished all morning. Most of our action came between 100 and 130 feet of water. Our 2 best rigs consisted of WhirlyGigs fished near the bottomĀ  behind 8″ Chrome Spin Doctors. The Green Glow and Blue Chrome with Glow Wings were best. Our 2 biggest fish came on Big Foot Spin Doctors 85 down on the chute rigger. One was a Laker on a White Crush/Pickled Sunshine Action Fly and the other was a big Coho, pictured above, on a White Slick Mountain Dew with the same fly. We had another good fish on the Mountain Dew Big Foot but it came up into both wire divers and got away.