7-16-17 Fishing Report

The Ludington Offshore Classic is over until Tuesday when the Big Boy Event will be held. Our Team minus Kevin, who has to work, will be fishing in the tournament. We had a good day in the Ruboy Thursday Tournament finishing 2nd out of 61 boats. We didn’t fish the Bud Lite Womans Tournament this year so we ran south to scout for the main event on Saturday and Sunday. The fishing was good south so our plan was to go back up there Saturday morning. The Classic started at 6:00 a.m. Saturday and we headed south . We set up about 17 miles from Ludington. We only fished for about a half hour before we picked up lines and were going to go further south to try another spot. We took off and the port motor died and wouldn’t start. This was a real bummer for us. We had no choice but to turn back north and troll back toward Ludington. We took 9 fish and were in 22 place after day 1. When we got back to the dock a couple friends looked into our engine problem and found the anti siphon valve blocked with a piece rubber gasket material that came from who knows where. Any way the boat is running and we were looking forward to fishing today. The tournament for today was cancelled due to big waves from the north so we finished in 22 place out of 38 boats. It was disappointing to say the least that after all our preparation for the Classic we were derailed by a blocked fuel valve.  The pictures above are from our trips on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. As you can see the fishing has been good. After the Big Boy Tournament I will post more about what has been working for us.