7-3-17 Fishing Report

We went back to the same area we’ve been fishing the last few trips setting up in 110 feet of water. The current coming from the north is still strong but we managed to keep our tangles to a minimum today. One reason we avoided any major tangles is because we only ran one board per side. The down temp is cooling off. It was 47 degrees 110 down. We had both out downs and all four divers fishing on or near the bottom. Our chute rigger has our Fish Hawk probe on it so we had it 10 or 15 feet off the bottom. With the exception of the chute rigger we had 8″ Chrome Spin Doctors in front of DW WhirlyGigs and a couple Spin-N-Glos on the other riggers and all four divers. We had Green Glow WhirlyGigs on a low wire and one out down and Blue Chrome WirlyGigs with Glow Wings on the other low wire & out down. We had a Chrome  Chartreuse  Spin-N-Glo on both high wires. The Steelhead pictured below took one of the Glow Winged Chrome WhirlyGigs on a low wire that first mate Corey was letting out. We took a Coho on the same rig on an out down. We lost a Coho right behind the boat on a high wire with one of the Spin-N-Glos.